A Traditional Education in Japanese Martial Arts History

In blog, featured by Sensei Joe

Grandmaster Marchetti recently led a presentation on Japanese martial arts history to a group of young students.  He conducted this seminar for Master Hector Rodriguez and his American Pride school based in Florida. 

Grandmaster Marchetti believes that a strong background in the history of the arts is essential; it forms the foundation for all martial arts training.  This training class focused on the history of the Japanese Samurai and Ninja.  He also brought with him several examples of the types of swords that were used by the Samurai and Ninja.  For most of these students, this was their first time seeing real Japanese swords.

At his own dojo, Kearny Martial Arts, students receive ongoing instruction in the history of the Japanese arts, culture, and weapons.

Please enjoy some of the photos taken at this recent seminar.