KMA Dojo Well Represented at the 25th Anniversary of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council

In blog, featured by Sensei Joe

Grandmaster Marchetti is one of the founding board members of the World Head of Family Sokeship Council (WHFSC).  The WHFSC is the foremost collective group of accredited martial arts masters and grandmasters in the world and this year the organization celebrated its 25th-anniversary event.  Grandmaster Marchetti proudly welcomed nine of his students to this year’s 25th Anniversary celebration, including students from the New Jersey Dojo and students from his Florida affiliates.

The 25th Anniversary celebration was held at the DoubleTree in Orlando and kicked off on Friday, September 1st with a schedule of martial arts seminars and demonstrations.  The KMA students took full advantage of this opportunity to meet with grandmasters from different styles and fellow martial artists from around the world.  They also actively participated in many of the seminars.

Attending seminars and events like this is an important way to share knowledge and build camaraderie across the martial arts community.  Grandmaster Marchetti has always stressed the importance of attending these types of events in the development and ongoing education of his students.

On Saturday, the KMA students arrived early to attend an important administrative meeting of the Council, normally reserved for Grandmasters only.  Grandmaster Marchetti invited his students to attend as his special guests.  For each of his students, this was the highlight of the weekend and the highest of honors. Later that morning, our students assisted Grandmaster Marchetti as he presided over a qualifying exam for Hanshi Steven Roensch; this qualifying exam is a serious matter and is normally never witnessed by anyone other than the board members of the Sokeship Council.  Our Kearny Martial Arts students actively participated during this exam; working with students from Hanshi Roensch’s dojo on various techniques.  Following Hanshi Roensch’s exam, our KMA students then assisted our own Grandmaster’s seminar on Michi Budo Ryu, by helping to assist and correct the many guests who had gathered to participate in the seminar.  Grandmaster Marchetti truly enjoyed demonstrating a variety of his Ju Jitsu techniques in a seminar titled “Controlling the Unruly.”

After all of the seminars were completed on Saturday, all of the students were able to relax for a bit before returning back to the DoubleTree in full formal attire for the evening’s banquet.  For those of you who have not attended a WHFSC banquet, it is truly an enjoyable event…a formally catered dinner and an evening of martial arts demonstrations, inspiring speeches and recognition awards for many of the honored guests.  We hope you enjoy some of the photos taken during this weekend’s activities.