World Head of Family Sokeship Council 23rd Anniversary Celebration

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Grandmaster Marchetti recently attended the World Head of Family Sokeship Council 23rd Anniversary Celebration. The event was held over Labor Day weekend at the DoubleTree hotel in Omaha, Nebraska. Grandmaster Marchetti always looks forward attending and this time proved no exception.

While traveling Grandmaster Marchetti enjoyed the great companionship of Grandmaster Gary Pointer. They left Florida Friday evening heading out and departed Omaha on Sunday to return. A combination of weather and plane change delays resulted in an outgoing leg duration of more than 14 hours arriving after 11pm!

John Byrne hosted a great event with many amazing martial artists and celebrities. In the photos you will see Grandmaster Marchetti with Grandmaster Gary Pointer, Mark Dacascos mother and father and actress Sigourney Weaver.

As our readers know there is no other martial arts event like this in the world. Those of us who have had the privilege to attend in any capacity can attest to the honor, camaraderie and pleasure of being among so many dedicated men and women.

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