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Gransmaster Marchetti Seminar at Reyes Martial Arts

In blog by Sensei Ken

Recently Grandmaster Marchetti gave a seminar at Reyes Martial Arts and visited with multiple MMA Champion Manny Reyes Jr. and Grandmaster Hector Rodriguez. Among other things Grandmaster Marchetti instructed┬áseveral defenses against leg oriented take downs with Manny Jr’s son. We hope you enjoy the photos below!  

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Grandmaster Marchetti at the International Youth Martial Arts Hall of Fame

In blog by Staff

It is no secret that Grandmaster Marchetti believes in the ability of the martial arts to change lives for the better and help kids achieve their dreams. In fact, many of the best students of Kearny Martial Arts began training as early as 5 years old. To help support this belief last week on 04/25/15 Grandmaster Marchetti participated in the …