World Head of Family Sokeship Council 2014

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Grand Master Vincent Marchetti attended the 22nd annual World Head of Family Sokeship Council celebration, held in Orlando, Florida on June 20 and 21.  The annual Sokeship meeting is a celebration which brings together members from all over the world. Students of Kearny Martial Arts are particularly aware of how special these events are for all who attend as our dojo had the honor and privilege  to host and organize the first such council meeting right here in New Jersey.

The weekend’s schedule of events provides a mixture of training seminars and demonstrations, entertainment and an opportunity for members to meet and exchange information.  Another important function of the Council meeting is the testing, evaluation and potential induction of new members to the Council. Membership evaluations are overseen by a panel headed by Grand Master Marchetti. The screening and verification process to become a member of the WHFSC is so exhaustive that only about 50% of those who apply are accepted.

In several of these photographs you will see the book Tough Guys by John Wyatt. Grand Master Marchetti is often asked to autograph copies of this book as he is one of the martial artists profiled. Two other Kearny Martial Arts black belts are also featured in Tough Guys:

  • Jeff Graf is a combat veteran and has headed several special reaction and anti-terror teams. He was recently on the east coast providing anti-terror instruction to the NYPD.
  • Chuck Wepner is a boxing legend known for inspiring the movie Rocky as well as being the only man to have fought Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston and George Foreman.

You can find out more about both men on the KMA website as well as in the book Tough Guys itself.