“Thank You” from Kearny Martial Arts

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As the Chief Instructor for Kearny Martial Arts, I wanted to extend a sincere “Thank You” to everyone for the incredibly positive response to our recent “Tough Guys” article.  Grand Master Marchetti was overwhelmed and very appreciative of the many emails and phone calls he received in response to this article.  As of today, he has received over fifty phone calls and many more emails from all corners of the world.  Fellow martial artists and longtime friends have all contacted Grand Master to express great support and appreciation.  The fact that John Wyatt’s book featured 3 of our Kearny Martial Arts black belts out of 60 “Tough Guys”, was clearly not lost on many of his friends and colleagues.

As a longtime student and as the author of this article, I couldn’t have been happier with the result.  For me, the groundswell of appreciative words and support from the community are a reflection of Grand Master’s lifetime dedication to the traditional martial arts.  A lifetime dedicated to teaching honor and respect, dignity and self-discipline.  I am touched by the community’s response but not surprised.  Stories of support like this is what makes the community of “real” martial artists so special.  And it offers great hope and inspiration for the next generation of traditional martial artists.


Sensei Joe Pung

Chief Instructor, Kearny Martial Arts