Grandmaster Marchetti and Kearny Martial Arts Featured in “Tough Guys”

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Recently, an excellent hardcover book titled “Tough Guys” was released by an author named John Wyatt.  This book documents the human story behind 70 of America’s toughest men and women (with 60 detailed biographies)…. representing a range of physical occupations from bouncers, professional military soldiers to some of the legends in martial arts.  The book is the culmination of over four years of cross country interviews.  Originally, John Wyatt had a much larger roster of tough guys that he wanted to interview for this book.  Some were too difficult to locate and many other top fighters wanted financial compensation for their interview and photos.  John Wyatt left no stone unturned in his efforts to interview his subjects in their natural habitats, in environments where they were most comfortable and open to talking.  The stories that are chronicled in this book give the reader an inside look into the human stories behind many of this country’s toughest individuals. Kearny Martial Arts is particularly proud that 3 of our black belts are featured in “Tough Guys” with  detailed biographies.

  • Grand Master Vincent Marchetti is featured with a full 4 page section devoted to some of his earlier exploits in the tough world of bare fisted fighting…the “original ultimate fighting.”
  • Chuck Wepner, former heavyweight professional boxer, was the real life inspiration for the movie Rocky and is the only man to have fought Muhammad Ali, Sonny Liston and George Foreman.  Chuck Wepner is also a proud owner of a black belt from Kearny Martial Arts.
  • Jeff Graf represents the U.S. Military as well as holding a 1st degree black belt from Kearny Martial Arts. Jeff served in the U.S. Army where he was a commander of a military special reaction team.  He has served several combat tours in Afghanistan.  He is currently a member of the Counter Terrorism SWAT Team.

Featured below are several of the pictures of Grand Master Marchetti from the book. “Tough Guys” has been well received by critics and the public with five star reviews; the book is published by Schiffer Publishing and is available on