Kearny DARE Program at Washington School

In blog by Staff

Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti and students of Kearny Martial arts recently donated their time to hold a seminar on self-defense at Washington school in Kearny, on March 10th and March 13th. The seminars were held for the Kearny Police Department’s “DARE” program.

More than 50 students were in attendance with age ranges from 6-8 yrs old and 9-11yrs old. The children were taught how to escape chokeholds, being grabbed from behind, and several ways to free themselves from wrist locks. Also in attendance were five of Kearny’s finest police officers, and as added bonus, Sensei Nick Forchione from Florida.

Kearny martial arts donates time to organize Police Tactics training, women’s self defense programs – as well as other organizations such as the US Army and Marine Corps, Navy SEALs, and the US Marshal’s Anti-Terrorism units.