Recent Events attended by Grandmaster Marchetti

In blog by Staff

Over the last few months, Grandmaster Marchetti has been a very busy man attending banquets, council meetings, and doing seminars. Always popular, Grandmaster Marchetti’s seminars draw much attention from the attendees, usually resulting in requests for more in the future. His trips to Mexico to teach the staffs of several hotels was no exception.

Grandmaster Marchetti was invited back 4 times to demonstrate his control techniques to help the staff handle any problems that could arise. Only the weather kept the seminars down to three.

Other events he’s attended recently have been the Soke Head of Family Council in Orlando, Florida where he sits on the board and also held seminars. He also just returned from London where he was guest of honor and held several seminars for them.

Grandmaster Marchetti usually teaches control techniuqes, hand techniques, and takedowns, demonstrating them easily on attendees.

Coming in July he will be going to Kentucky with one of his students to hold a seminar for a Special Forces team.