Kearny Martial Arts has been at the same location in Kearny since 1971, founded by Grandmaster Vincent Marchetti. Michi Budo Ryu, chartered in Sept 1992, is a style that combines traditional judo, jujitsu, karate, and ground techniques all modified for practical use in self defense situations.

Our dojo teaches not only the traditional hard styles of martial arts, but also the history of the martial arts pertaining to the origin and lifestyle. Students are encouraged to learn this history, as well as the history of the dojo, the way of the samurai. Students are encouraged and expected to safely practice techniques and exercise workouts at home. The quality of instruction brings regular students from not only Kearny and the surrounding towns, but also as far away as Pennsylvania and New York. Kearny Martial Arts is also recognized worldwide by many early martial arts pioneers and is also the headquarters for The Police Tactics Instructors of America International.